Every year at this time we have the ordinations to the diaconate and to the priesthood. With these ordinations come changes and new assignments. You may have heard or seen the announcements about this year’s clergy changes. Since June of 1994, priests from the Diocese of Arlington have staffed Our Lady of Angels, having taken over the administration of the parish from the Stigmatine Fathers.

As of Thursday, June 25, Our Lady of Angels parish will be staffed by the Disciples of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary (DCJM). They are a Spanish Order, and have been staffing Queen of Apostles parish in Alexandria, VA. Fr. Jaime de Cendra, who has been assisting us here at the parish on weekends, is a member of the Order. They will have five priests ready to move in, four for ministry in the parish and one in residence. The new pastor will be coming in from an assignment in Colorado. They are all bi-lingual, so they will be able to minister to the unique needs of the entire parish. It should be an orderly transition.

They approached the bishop looking for a larger parish to minister to, as well as looking at the challenge of trying to live the Order’s community life. Because of the unique make-up of our parish, as well as the large Hispanic population we work with, the bishop – with much consultation and thought – decided that they may do well here at Our Lady of Angels.

Personally, I was hoping for a few more years here. It has really felt like home, and we had a few more plans for the future of the parish. I have met quite a number of wonderful people, and have had some great experiences. Please pray for myself, Fr. Thomas, and Fr. Alex, as we head off to our new assignments. Please pray also, for the people we will be assigned to minister to. I will be heading south to Fredericksburg. I will be the new pastor at St. Jude’s, which is a fairly recently established parish, and has a brand-new church building. Fr. Thomas is heading out to Leesburg to be the parochial vicar at St. John the Apostle. Fr. Diaz is heading to be the pastor of Queen of Apostles in Alexandria.

You may have heard that the Commonwealth of Virginia has started to open up in what is called “Phase I”. The governor announced that last Friday, May 8th. On Monday, May 11th, he said that Virginia would be opening except for Northern Virginia and one or two other areas. That is because the numbers of virus cases are still high. The pastors of the diocese had a webinar with Bishop Burbidge on Thursday, May 14th, with regards to opening of the churches for Mass. We, as a staff here at Our Lady of Angels, had met this past Monday to start the process and look at the logistics involved.

As of now, however, we are in Phase 0, which means we are not yet open. The earliest we may be open is the 28th or 29th of May. That is still a “wait and see” item. We will continue to meet as a staff to make the preparations for opening up for Mass, as well as the logistics and directions to you, the people of Our Lady of Angels, to follow as we open up. Without those, including capacity restrictions, social distancing, purifying of vessels, and disinfection of the church space, we will not be able to open up.

As things progress, I will try to keep you informed as to where we are in the process, and what are the proposals from the diocese. All of you remain in my prayers, and I continue to offer my Mass on Sunday for the people of Our Lady of Angels. God bless.

Seguramente ustedes ya saben que el Estado de Virginia ha decidido empezar a abrir, lo que se le conoce como “la Fase 1”, como lo anunció el gobernador el viernes pasado, 8 de mayo. El lunes, 11 de mayo, él dijo que se abriría excepto en el Norte de Virginia y en una o dos áreas más. Esto es porque los casos del virus aún son muy numerosos. Los párracos de la Diócesis tuvieron un Seminario Web con el Obispo Burbidge el jueves, 14 de mayo, referente a este tema para poder celebrar Misas en las Iglesias. Nosotros en Nuestra Seňora de los Angeles nos reunimos el pasado lunes para empezar este proceso y ver las logísticas que íbamos a tomar.

Sin embargo, en este momento, nos encontramos en “la Fase 0,” lo cual quiere decir que aún no estamos abiertos. Los más rápido puede ser el 28 o el 29 de mayo. Aún es una situación “de esperar y ver.” Seguiremos preparándonos para poder celebrar la Misa, así como la logística e instrucciones a seguir por ustedes, los feligreses de Nuestra Seňora de los Angeles. Sin ello, no podremos iniciar, lo cual incluye restricciones en la capacidad para entrar, mantener un distanciamiento social adecuado, limpiar los recipientes y desinfectar la iglesia. Sin hacer esto, no podremos abrir.

Tan pronto las cosas se vayan mejorando, voy a seguir informándoles y también las propuestas de la diócesis. Todos ustedes siguen en mis oraciones y sigo ofreciendo la Misa los domingos por la comunidad de Nuestra Seňora de los Angeles. Dios los bendiga.

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All public Masses (including Sunday, Holy Day, and weekday Masses), all Confirmation liturgies, and the Lenten Soup Suppers are suspended immediately until further notice.

All weddings and funerals should continue only if absolutely necessary, with the attendance limited to immediate family members.

Individual reception of the Sacrament of Reconciliation may be made available but not in large gatherings.

No more than 10 persons should be present in the Church, according to the recommendation of the White House.

For more information, visit the Diocese of Arlington website.

Full message from Bishop Burbidge here.


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